Nut Mylk


Have you ever milked a cow or a goat?

Oh, I am terrible at it.


With her blinding smile, one of three wives in a Datoga tribe family which my husband and I visited in February 2007, desperately tried to teach me how to milk one of their cows. Although I didn’t manage to add even an ounce to their milk pot, I rather provided entertainment for all.


Thankfully, my life depends not on animal milk. Instead, there is always a carton of nut milk in the fridge if I've no time to make my own.


Choose your nut for mylking:

I love Cashew, Almond and Hazelnut.

Place them in a bowl or tupperware filled with water.

Soak overnight.

Drain nuts and blend with fresh water.

Pour mixture in mylk bag over large bowl.

Squeeze. Squeeze. Squeeze.

Enjoy on its own.

Or return milk to blender

and add your favourite berries.

If you wish,

add a few drops of raw honey or agave nectar.

Savour with a piece of your delicious raw brownie.