Dear Kale


Dear Kale,

We haven’t known each other for very long, perhaps a couple of years or so, but I feel I can be open and honest with you at this stage. Do you remember our first encounter? Yes, it was a traumatic experience. I met my very first Raw Foodist friend and she offered you, to me, in juice form. I nearly gagged. Two, maybe three sips was all I could drink. My initial impression of you? Potent.

After that incident, I would see you in the fresh food section beside the other bags of mixed leaves and wouldn’t even look your way. Our first meeting left a bad taste in my mouth which didn’t leave me for some time.


You were introduced last year in a spicy, cheesy, dehydrated form. I couldn’t believe this was the same Kale. You started as one large bunch, divided between two dehydrator screens. Six to seven hours of dehydrating time later, there was less than two trays left of you to share. You, in Kale Crisp form, are addictive!


I’ve learned that you and I just need a bit of one-on-one time, some time to get my hands through every inch of your curly leaves, until you become tender and palatable. Thanks to the ever reliable lemon and avocado to help along with that process. This reacquaintance was a long time coming. You, Dear Kale, are rather delicious!