Home, Sweet Home

© Grace D Lambiotte

© Grace D Lambiotte

If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that change is constant.

For as long as I can remember, up until as recently as a couple of years ago, I dreamt of a pied-à-terre in the Big Apple. It was a dream from my late twenties which I thought still needed to be fulfilled, but dreams do change with the direction of the wind.

New York City is my one favourite city on the other side of the pond with which I have a great love-and-loathe relationship. I long to be in the midst of its chaotic beauty after I've left, yet count the days until I can leave behind its concrete jungle and characterful sheer rudeness. I thought my last fortnight visit would be different because I couldn't have been in a more ideal place in which to roam with my new toy as we became acquainted (the Leica M-P and me), but not even a week in and I was ready to go home.

It seems on each visit I make across the ocean, I realise more and more how much I've changed, or perhaps how much the remnants of my past have remained the same since relocating 17 years ago. As my husband precisely discerns, there doesn't seem to be any other place in this world that suits my person better, or befits my desired lifestyle more than England. That is, Winchester and London, England.

Just over a year since my last post, and how much has changed! And how much has remained the same. From viewing several properties for sale across the Atlantic in Manhattan (intended for a pied-à-terre) with the assistance of a large personality from the Nest Seekers agency, to viewing larger spaces just a stroll away in Winchester. From nearly placing an offer on a condo in SoHo; to having an offer accepted on a stunning Grade II listed 1920's dwelling called Century House; to nearly signing the contract on a one-off modernist new build on the outskirts of Winchester called Skyview; one could draw the conclusion of lost money and wasted time, but we rather conclude our less-travelled winding path as thousands of pound sterling in exploratory funding leading to a successful outcome -- precisely the house perfectly-suited for us.

As notoriously stressful as moving home is, I shan't complain about the stress that comes hand in hand with transforming our new house into our new Home, Sweet Home, but rather be simply grateful, accept the challenge and tackle the design process.

I am relieved that my next visit to New York will be purely that -- a visit -- a visit with accommodation in one of my favourite hotels located in my favourite Manhattan neighbourhood.