Return From A Hiatus

Verbier, Switzerland, February 2015

I am currently camped out in our guest bedroom whilst ours is taken over by the decorator who is tasked with painting walls of multiple angles and distorted lines. It's back to our regular programming of home decorating. We moved into our newly built house about sixteen months ago and it has been seventeen months of unremitting alterations with tradesmen about. One glaring revelation has been that there can be as much work to be done in a brand-new monotonous townhouse as in a dark characterful Victorian terrace.

All this activity enshrouds my current frame of mind. Returning to everyday mundane concerns was a daunting thought as our ski holiday neared its end. Only a week after returning home is my mood of melancholy and listlessness beginning to evanesce. My spirit felt at its lowest ebb and I cannot seem to rationalise it - at least not now, perhaps I shall better understand in retrospection when I am enraptured once again.

Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco, June 2013